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27 July 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Okay, so im not really a patriotic person, I have quite pessimistic veiw on our politics and policies and things from our history. But, having said that...im currently watching the opening ceremony and am absolutey in awe. I cant even imagine what its like for all the people that are actually there. It is incredibly visually beautiful and dramatic.

I implore you all to watch it, British or not. Just ....ugh.....*goes to watch some more*...


20 July 2012 @ 10:55 pm

So I went all fancy and messed about on illustrator. Avenges doodles ensued.


Its been a while since Ive done any doodling for fandom. Normally I just stick to pens and biro drawings, this digital stuff is all a bit too time consuming for me.

Whilst I enjoy how they look all digitised, I may have repetitive strain injury from having to do it all with the touchpad due to lacking in a) a graphics tablet and b) a mouse. This wont become a regular thing...

The original doodle....

Just a little shippy thing (...I can make them for any pairings to be put in profiles etc)


20 July 2012 @ 08:45 pm

So today I went to see The Dark Knight Rises, with my dad & my brother as NO ONE WOULD GO WITH ME. What is even wrong with my friends? I even offered to pay for them but alas, no one shared my excitement.

Okay, so its no secret I like Christopher Nolan, and superheroes, and action films, and Christian Bale and pretty much every component seperately. Together, my mind was blown. I cant even form a coherant sentance.

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD….and capslock.

24 June 2012 @ 11:47 pm
Hey guys, I know theres several friending memes out there already but Ive found they're all pretty much quiet and full of tumbleweeds, so I decided to make my own. I'm new to the fandom and need some fellow avenger fans on my f-list. And really, can we ever have too many fellow avengers fans on our f-lists? Never!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Be nice, no bashing, and Pimp. This. Out.

You know what to do, copy & paste and fill this in.

(Hey so I tried to do that fancy html box thing but that was just not going to happen with my level of techno-ability. Basic typing  and html-ing will have to do here guys.)

<b>Oh hey, whats your name?: </b>
<b>So what do your friends call you?:</b>
<b>Where do you come from?:</b>
<b>And how long have you spent on this planet?:</b>

<b>Who are your most favouritest characters in the whole wide world?:</b>
<b>And which characters should totally get together (if anyone)?:</b>
<b>Do you have a favourite pre-avengers movie?:</b>
<b>Which avenger would you want to spend a day with?:</b>
<b>So what other fandoms can we find you in?:</b>
<b>What sort of thing do you contribute to fandom?</b>

<b>And finally</b>
<b>What can we expect from your journal?:</b>
<b>F-locked or not?</b>
<b>Any final words? </b>

If you want to pimp this around then feel free to link away or feel free to make me a fancy link banner if you really really want to!!

Thats enough from me, now go and fill this out!